Wrote this song right on the sand on Pineapple Beach at Waikiki Beach. Recorded it at my hut upstairs and then da da Lifetime peeps chose it over Bruddah Iz's "Over the Rainbow" for the lead song in the Lifetime movie "Deadly Honeymoon," opening beach wedding scene. This song has hit #1 in Hawaii. ワイキキビーチのパイナップルビーチの砂の上にこの曲を書いた。私の小屋で二階に録音してから、ダ・ダ・ライフ・ピープスは、Bruddah Izの "Over the Rainbow"で、Lifetimeムービー "Deadly Honeymoon"のリードソングを選んだ。この曲はハワイで#1を打ったand Australia many many times.